February 20, 2019

Just Enterprise- Intro- What is Social Enterprise?

Girvan workshop. If you are wondering what exactly a "social enterprise" is, or you are thinking about starting one but are keen for more information, this workshop is for you

The concept of business with a conscience - working to be more responsible, inclusive and to benefit local communities - is becoming more popular but such sentiment or desire alone does not make you a social enterprise.


Wednesday 20 Februay 2019 : 1.30pm - 3.30pm


Girvan - The Quay Zone

This workshop will:

• Go through what social enterprise actually means
• Consider what makes a business a social enterprise
• Outline the different legal structures that a social enterprise may uset
• Provide examples of social enterprise activity in Scotland

After this event you will have a better understanding of whether your idea is suited to being a social enterprise and whether you wish to be a social entrepreneur. You will also understand the range of skills, knowledge and aptitudes needed to run an effective social enterprise.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to meet a Just Enterprise Start Up Advisor and network with other budding social entrepreneurs, share experiences, ask questions, get tips and more!

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