Pounds for Purpose case studies

Based in Glasgow, 26-year-old Amanda is setting up a women's community cinema screening films directed or written by women in safe spaces around the city.

October 22, 2018

Amee Ritchie - S'Wheat

A recent graduate from Edinburgh College, 20-year-old Amee is tackling single use plastic by producing environmentally friendly water bottles.

24-year-old Chloé Young is a self-employed dietitian in Inverness, who is passionate about nutrition for children.

Théo’s passion for cooking and baking started as a child in his native France. Once he left home at 19 he started baking his own bread and his interest in bread making, sustainable food production and the responsible sourcing of ingredients grew from there.

Natalia Jejer founded Bottle of Ginger, a community drinks company based in Bridgeton, which aims to change local 'juice' culture by challenging consumption habits, redefining the product and rethinking the processes in soft drink manufacturing.

Lily wants to tackle the stigma around mental ill health with Real Talk, a mental health storytelling social enterprise. She was awarded £500 seed funding as part of Firstport's partnership with Good Ideas Academy at The Melting Pot.

October 8, 2015

Dundee MakerSpace

Grant Richmond started Dundee MakerSpace to provide space and facilities to encourage people to be creative and develop their skills.